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Nobody is allowed to use whatever I draw or write.

Thank you! :heart: and Stamp - Happy Holiday by firstfear


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deviation in storage by Ask-Zack-n-Others




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I realized I forgot to mention something a few months back. My OCs will not die and will never die. I'm working with my friend Judith on a story involving Damien's new life and I will continue to draw everyone as much as I feel like. I just lost my purpose here so that's why I can't be on this account anymore.


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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Original account: :iconawkwardstufz:


I use stamps other people made to express my individuality!

:thumb372397686: Dan says hi. (credit to Nini-Fluff for making this)

NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz The Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJ Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis I Ate Your Cell Phone Stamp by bizarrostamps Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Rainbows Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp, Not Enough Sleep by BriBriBlitz Cake Stamp by Kezzi-Rose stamp :: angel beats by icy-rain Waving Stamp by InukazaWolf [STAMP] Eddsworld by Emfen :thumb163221816: .:Eddsworld:. Rest in peace, Edd (Stamp) by zealferal I Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps Ib Stamp by yumacchi I Smash Things Stamp by bizarrostamps Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp anti-bully stamp by twozard I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Giant Crazy Cactuar Stamp by witch13888 ++STAMP++ by Phantom--Wolf :thumb61048797: It's Late Stamp by Otogakure-Akatsuki I Support SUPPORT Stamp by bizarrostamps + + Stamp + + by eikosalia Megaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTart Axl stamp. by RadioactivePopTart Commission - Sabrina Fan Stamp. by TheGodOfBlue IMPERATIVE STAMPO #3 by MutanerdA I love MMX Stamp by Lady2010 KEEP CALM. and throw Barrels by VAL0VE KEEP CALM. and Blame Jeremy by VAL0VE Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam TSS - Secret Saturdays by Stamps-By-Mephie Inaba Stamp by kinfy

I Don't Support Hatred Stamp by White-over-blue

I'm very much a Hakuouki Fan.


Commander (Awk)
Luna (twin of Selena)
Selena (twin of Luna)
Possibly making more people.

Allies: (Or who I believe to be an ally until they betray me or I betray them)
C0RPS3 -Good to know we're on the same side- sorta.
Axl-bits/:iconzack-ocs: -Best bud over there.
darkwolf908 -More of a neutral then an ally. But whatevs.

Enemies: (^^' People who I oppose on the side of darkness, or just annoying good people. LOVE YA PEEPS!)
Ask-Sigma - Who I haven't been much of a threat too because I have other enemies to deal with. ESBNEFBJ He's going after my sector?! *takes out a plasma rifle* Oh no you don't!

Lyone is dating Ri.
Dan is dating Clarice.
Zule is Dating Sabrina (Zack-Ocs)
Symbol is married to Montague

Glitter Words

[ - *Glitter Words*]

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]


Oh God what are those things doing... :iconwthplz:

I am a maverick hunter! :iconmhhmplz: (Yes, I am a big rockman (Megaman) fan)
^^ As a big fan, I run my own sector. Consisting of me and my OC's:

Commander Awk
Dan (Melee fighter)
Evan (Melee Fighter)
Lyone (Melee Fighter, part time long ranger shooter)
Lila-Beth (Female Navigator)
Deka (Shooter)
Atalie (Person to get repairs from)
Slay (New male navigator)
Damien (Male navigator)

People think my actions are just harsh and evil. ^^ Lol. It's my way of saying, good job. Now learn a lesson or die!


I may be young! But I am very mature!
I do request.
I am a DA writer, and a digital art hobbyist.
If you want to be my friend, then note meeeee!

I draw people, furries, and objects.
I do not do commissions, hardly do Art Trades, if you want me to draw you a person, then just ask.
I can't draw Ponies
I am a fan of many things!
Anyone wanna chat with me here:…
My name is the last piece of personal information that I will give you.
I am a girl, just rather be a guy instead.
I feel weird in short pants. Makes me feel like petifiles are watching
As expested I call my older brother Kuya.
I'm a private person.
I work best on the muro for some reason.
My inspiration in drawing are:
:iconeddsworld: :iconecstaticoblivion: :iconpaultervoorde:
My inspiration for writing is:
Fan of video games.
I played the Twisted Metal games, Megaman Games, Other CapCom games, Dragon Ball games, and other games.
I played Wizard101 before but quit.
I am a PewDiePie fan! Also here is Piggy's profile: :iconpiggy-the-pumpedpig:

I am a serious and HUGE anime fan and lover! ASDF!

'3' I love a lot of stuff!

I'm a fan of D.Gray-man!

MC Status!

Beginners in Minecraft engineering. (Not really, I'm terrible at that stuff)
Intermediate in Minecraft architecture.
Master Farmer! C:< BOOYAH!
Intermediate Herder. (I love luring animals to a pen with wheat)
Rookie Miner. (Scared of lava)
Advance Crafter (Troubles with memorizing recipes '3')

Have Fun!
Really nice person, she deserves a hug and a llama! She helped me out as well.
There are a few people I think are awesome! And here they are:
ArsenioKorbat :Really nice and great at drawing and writing! <--- Amazing!
ScaredyAsh006 :Extremely nice and a very good artist to top that off! <--- Super Cool!
Sweirde :Fun and awesome and a really good artist! <--- Really Epic!
SgtShadowWalker :Awesome and a great artist! <--- Super Cool!
ecstaticOblivion :She is very very epic, also a very very great artist! <--- SUPER AMAZINGLY EPIC!
SuperSmash3DS :Great artist, simply loves his work! <--- Super Cool!
Browndog35 A very awesome artist, makes cute animals! <--- Amazing!
-There are tons of other people. Just don't have the time to put the rest!
TheEnviroPyro : You drive me crazy sometimes bro, but you are still awesome!<-- Super Cool
bessybaby :Fun person to hang with, chillaxing and stuff. <-- Awesome.
Zachamation :Terrific artist and animator, a cool dude. <-- :iconswagplz:
Punkichi :She is an epic artist, nice person to talk to. <-- Sweet :iconchocolatecupcakeplz:
P302 <-- Awesome! 
ShinydawgTheZorua <-- Awesome, no description needed.
Shinydawg <-- Do I even have to say it, look above bros!
amythystanime <-- COOLAWESOME!!!
Axl-bits <-- Nice person! Cool artist! Her other account: :iconzack-ocs:
Moses747 The real deal! He is one of my real life friends.
xAbyssalRemnantx She's really cool! And she made Dan's current GF.

Heck, I haven't drank Cola in 4 years!

I focus most of my drawings on one character, named Dan. Focus somewhat on myself.

Have I ever drank? -- NEVER!
Have I ever smoked? --Once in my life. When I was 6.
Do I like hentai? --What kind of question is this?!
Am I an insane lunatic? --Yes???
Am I a clean freak? --No.
Do I like pie? --NO!
Do I like to be derped? --NEVER!

Pwned by AwkwardStufz

I am a big Eddsworld fan!



:icondragonlaplz::iconpokeballlaplz::iconkirbylaplz::iconchristmasla::iconpointslaplz::iconmega-la-plz: :iconjumpinglaplz::iconsilentmovielaplz::iconbunnehlaplz::iconsilverlaplz::iconlaaaplz::iconlavuvuzelaplz::iconlagirplz::iconladummypatplz::icontardlaplz::iconmuffinlaplz::iconguitarlaplz::icongigglelaplz::iconepicexcitedlaplz::iconpurpleplz::iconlabananadanceplz::iconclaplaplz::iconohgodlaplz::iconsuperlocklaplz::iconsocklaplz:

Dance time!
:iconladanceplz::icondancelaplz::iconmeowdanceplz::iconstaredanceplz::icondummydanceplz: :icondancinglaplz:

So if you are here to hate on me or try to hurt me:

If you want me to watch you:
If you draw cute stuff.
If you are not an art thief.
If you are recommended.
If you do not post art every 10 seconds.
If you like spam.

I support chuck norris by antonF <-- AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

I love all people. Except you :iconbigheartplz:

I do not tolerate mean behavior, and trolling.

One last thing. I got hooked on Kuroshitsuji! Since it's continuing, I'll follow that hell of a story as it goes on.

Free: Sebastian PageDoll [Click me for FullView] by PrinceSouji Free: Ciel Pagedoll by PrinceSouji These pagedolls was created by PrinceSouji. I put these up on my page because they are ADORABLE.

I found British insults! :D ?…
Good Day.

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